I Wish I Would've

09/01/2012 14:03

I Wish I Would've by: Aynoit Asher

This short story is just one that you cant put down, it rollercoasters your emotions and makes you truely feel what the girl did.  This is normally a book that i wouldnt read but i was told about it by a dear friend of mine and im so happy about it. 

In this story the girl (her name is never revealed) lives a difficult life with her mother who hates her father.  Finally after a fight about G-pa the girl decides that she's old enough to make her own decisions and go and visit him, she was to young to remember why her mother hated him.  Once shes at her G-Pa's though he keeps her capitive, rapes her and then uses her to make his own profit, everything is a nightmare from the darkness of the basement to the unprepared pregnacy.  This story takes a crazy and twisted ending when she finally escapes.  The ending leaves the reader feeling shocked and saddened about how this happens to even the most unsuspected people in life.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in relateable/real life stories.  The audience for this book is most likely a teenage girl or a older women who has lived and made it through an awful experience such as this.